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Tonetech Pro Account Launched

Written by Bill Quinn

The TonetechPro Account and The ToneBar.

Tonetech has raised the bar for service in the Luthier Supply business in the UK.  Before we came along very few suppliers had a website and it was often quicker to have supplies delivered from America than from our home country.    In the last 8 years we’ve built up a wide range of products and an enviable reputation for service.

TonetechPro Account. 3 Minute Video

We’d love to do more business with our Professional Instrument Makers and Repairers, both in the UK and around Europe.  We want to give you something that will make it worthwhile for you to buy more of your supplies from Tonetech.
To this end we’re introducing a Trade Only Members account called The Tonetech Pro Account.  This account will give you access to trade pricing, bargain bins, enhanced reward points and more.  In addition to this we’ve constructed an updated Luthier Directory which offers you a free entry.

We’ve also commissioned a professionally written newsletter, issued 6 times a year, packed with information relevant to your business.  The Newsletter, titled “The Tone Bar” will have industry news, features on our fellow pros, advice on using social media to improve your business, plus updates on regulatory and environmental affairs.

How do you get a Tonetech Pro Account?

If you already have a trade account with Tonetech, we’ll be upgrading your account to the Tonetech Pro Account.  We’ll send a new login request email.  When you log in for the first time you will be asked to accept our ToneBar newsletter and tick a few boxes to indicate the type of business you are in.

If you are a new trade customer, to apply for a Tonetech Pro Account we need the following from you.

Email your business details including full business address, telephone and/or Mobile number, your website URL.  If you have it, your company registration number and VAT number.

Email to

We will set up a Tonetech Pro account for you and send you a first time login email.  When you receive this email, log in for the first time, accept our ToneBar newsletter and tick a few boxes to indicate the type of business you are in.  You can then change your password.

Once your Tonetech Pro Account is active we shall mail you your TonetechPro membership card and send you an invitation to add your entry to our Luthier Directory.



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