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A look at Schertler Tuners

Schertler Tuner Boxes
Written by Bill Quinn

What do Schertler Tuners and Toblerone have in common?

Schertler are a Swiss company that produce a range of products for the music industry.  They used their Swiss engineering know-how to design and manufacture a high quality range of guitar tuners.

They produce 3 types of tuner.

3 a side acoustic / electric for solid pegheads

3 a side acoustic for slotted peg heads

3 a side classical for slotted pegheads.


Each individual tuner is based on the same plate and 19:1 gearing.

There is no slippage in the gear.  It has a smooth movement for accurate tuning.

There are 5 finishes in the range

Nickel, Satin Chrome, Gloss Steel, Black and Gold.

The buttons are all the same style and include Ebony, Pearloid, Satin chrome, Nickel Gloss and Gold options.

The packaging is funky.  It is inspired by the Swiss chocolate Toblerone.

Every set is supplied with ferrules where required and mounting screws

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