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Advances in potentiometer Design.

Tone Up Potentiometer
Written by Bill Quinn

Ever wonder why your guitar or bass volume suddenly drops away when you back off the volume knob, or you start turning the volume knob and nothing happens for a quarter of a turn, then the sound kicks in?

Standard volume potentiometers often only have a workable range of around 35% of the knob rotation. You may have 0 – 10 on the knob dial but most of the usable volume happens across 3-5 units somewhere on the scale.

When performing, the last thing you need is to be second guessing the volume range. You want finer control over your volume.

Most potentiometers are mass produced as cheaply as possible and the Log pots used for volume controls are rarely accurate.

Sever Innovations has developed a new “taper” potentiometer specifically for passive pickup volume control. The new taper, “P”, results in a volume control where the workable volume adjustment evenly spread across 85% of the rotation range. This gives the player much more reliable and finer control over the volume while playing.

P Taper Pot ConnectordThe developments don’t stop there! The potentiometer housing is completely sealed so there is no access for dust, sweat, fluff, hair and all the other stray articles that make their way into standard pots causing them to crackle or stop working.

To make the conversion from a standard pot to the Tone Up “P” Taper 250k pot is an easy job, the connectors are solderless.

The new Tone Up 250kOhm Potentiometer is more expensive but will it last longer. The carbon resister has been thermally treated to deliver a tighter tolerance and longer lasting resister.

In addition to the new P Taper Potentiometer Sever innovations has also produced a range of pre-wired circuits to offer treble bleed and tone control options.  More on these later.

We’re looking for 3 or 4 volunteers to try out our new Tone Up P Taper 250kOhm Pots.  All we want in return is your honest assessment.  Email  Offer on for a limited time only.


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