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Written by Bill Quinn

Anomaly Humbucker Surrounds.

It’s not often something new comes along for electric guitar hardware.  Most people think that everything’s already been done.  Not so with British Luthier Seth Baccus and Designer Luke White of Anomaly Guitar Parts.  They have taken a fresh look at the humble humbucker surround.
The classic design looks like a standard pickup ring until you look more closely.  The mounting screw holes have a deep recess and are crisp and clean.  The pickup height screw holes are recessed, firstly to facilitate safer installation and adjustment of the pickup height screw, and secondly for a more comfortable playing experience. We think the aesthetics are also improved when screw heads are not protruding.

Anomaly Classic Black Pickup Surrounds

You may think deeper screw holes may make the Anomaly Humbucker Surround more fragile?  These smart designers have thought of that.  They use a much higher grade of ABS to make their products, which imparts greater strength.  Furthermore, the underneath of the surround is braced to eliminate warping or bending often found on standard Humbucker surrounds.

Anomaly Pickup Surround back

You’d think Luke and Seth would sit back after making these improvements, but why settle for the Classic style of humbucker surround?
Anomaly also produce a “Modern” new design of Humbucker Surround.  All the technical developments applied to the Classic version are present on the Modern version.  The aesthetics are markedly different.  For those wanting to stand out from the crowd, the Anomaly Modern Humbucker Surround will fit the bill.

Anomaly Modern Pickup Surround

Both the Classic and Modern versions are available in Classic Cream and Midnight Black. Each set features one low and one high surround, which makes them suitable for guitars with a Gibson style bridge or a neck angle.  At the moment these are both flat-bottomed pick up surrounds and will retro-fit PRS, Ibanez, Jackson, Ernie Ball, SG’s, and most other major brands.  Les Paul lovers will need to wait a while for the curved-bottom option, but it is in the pipeline.  Anomaly are also shortly to produce a set of 2 low surrounds for use with a tremolo or no neck-angle guitar.
Quality is assured as Luke and Seth have sourced the highest quality tooling and materials and the products are designed and made in England.



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