Bill is retiring and Tonetech has new owners

I’ve had 14, mainly happy years developing Tonetech and the most enjoyable part has been the relationships we’ve built up through email, phone calls or meeting in person at Luthier events. It has been a privilege to be a supplier to such a diverse community of artisans, each with their own unique take on instrument building and repairing.
I thank you for your loyalty to me and Tonetech over the years and hope that, under the new management, you’ll continue to have a fruitful relationship with Tonetech.

Who are the new owners of Tonetech? 

Capstore Holdings Ltd is the parent company and they own Allparts UK, BTN Music, and now Tonetech.  The owners are Alex and Paul Storrie, with Alex heading up the team based in High Wycombe.  Alex is young, enthusiastic and energetic, with the drive to bring the 3 companies together to offer you the Luthier, a comprehensive service. 
I shall be offering Alex my support for a couple of months as I wind down to my full retirement in October and you can contact him via the email,, or by phone on 0161 406 0127.

For my part, I intend to spend much of this summer out in the countryside cycling, or visiting local places of interest with my wife Jayne. 
I wish you well with your luthiery and health.

Best regards.   Bill Quinn

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