Bolt on Bass Necks. What size of plate?

Neck Plate Size Comparison
Written by Bill Quinn

Neck Plate Size ComparisonTake a look at a strat or tele or similar bolt on neck electric guitar and you’ll see a neck plate that measures around 63mm x 50mm.  These dimensions just about match the neck pocket size.

Now take a look at a P or J Bass.  You usually find the same size neck plate but the neck pocket is much longer, almost a 1/3 longer.

Sever Innovations has looked into the effect of this disparity and found that using a larger plate improves sustain.  They then looked at the materials used and found that using stainless steel made further improvements in sustain.  In addition to enlarging the plate and making it from stainless steel they engineered the geometry of the plate so that using the existing neck screw positions the plate applies even pressure across the whole neck pocket area.

Neck Plate satinEngraved Neck PlateThe result; The Tone Up Neck Pressure Plate,  a simple upgrade to the standard bolt on neck bass that has a positive impact on sustain.

The plates are available in a brushed satin, machine polished and hand polished finish.  Each is engraved with a unique serial number and you can have your brand or name engraved onto the plate.



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