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Hosco New Products
Written by Bill Quinn

We’re always adding new items from Hosco’s extensive range of tools and parts.  With our last delivery from Hosco we received a couple of samples of tools.

Kovax mini sanding blocksFirstly, to compliment our range of Kovax touch-up finishing papers are a pair of Kovax rubber sanding blocks.  They measure around 33mm long and are ideal for spot levelling of touch up or drop fill repairs.

Mini Try-SquareHosco also have  a small tri-square that has a brass base and 75mm long blade. Ideal for checking right-angles in confined spaces.





I addition to these “mini” items we shall be getting a stock of Hosco’s guitar repair mat.  This “hard to photograph” black matt has a non slip underside and a padded, easy wipe surface.  In each of 2 corners there is a small magnet to stop those tiny screws rolling off onto the floor.

We hope to have stocks of all of these products by late July.

Masking Tape setWe have stocks now of Hosco’s low-tack masking tapes.  These sets of 3 tapes, 20mm, 12mm and 6mm wide, are supplied along with a handy dispenser.


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