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EGB’s 2017 Symposium June 23rd-25th

EGB Symposium 2017
Written by Bill Quinn

The European Guitar Builders symposium is an educational seminar to help independent luthier members to grow and succeed in the profession. The exciting programme below spans 3 days and includes several sessions on a “Community Build”.  I’m looking forward to an exciting few days in Vienna and as a luthier supplier I’m hoping to find ways to better serve our Luthiers.

The event is only open to members of the EGB so if you want to go next year, why not join here?

Below is the list of topics being covered.


  • Taking Care Of Your Self: The Guitar Builder’s Self-Leadership Toolkit (with Jacco Stuitje, Adam Pearson) including Special Topic: Common Health Risks (with Jacco Stuitje)
  • Taking Care Of Your Customers: Deep Listening, Deep Understanding (with Adam Pearson)
  • EGB Community Building
  • An Introduction to French Polishing (with Adrian Lucas)
  • The EGB Community Builds
  • Introduction and facilitation by Kora Jünger, Michael Spalt and Jacco Stuitje.
  • Cutting through the confusion — CITES / LACEY (with Luisa Willsher, Tania Spalt)
  • Taking Care of Business: Selling – Life’s A Pitch (with Tania Spalt, Adam Pearson)
  • Taking Care of Business: Planning and Strategy (with Juha Ruokangas, Adam Pearson) including special topic: Lutherie Through the Looking Glass
  • Getting Technical – Sanding and Finishing “Rendering by Sanding” How to improve the finishing process with self made sanding blocks, modern dry sanding materials and collected experience and knowledge (with luthiers Frank Deimel and Ulrich Teuffel)
  • Waterborne Finishes (with luthier Hans Geerdink)– Materials, history, sectors in which waterborne finishes are used and their mechanical properties.
  • Taking Care Of Our Community: Stronger Together
  • What is our collective purpose as EGB in the changing world of our profession?

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