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Gotoh and Hosco Meeting At Tonetech

Written by Bill Quinn

We were delighted to welcome the President of Gotoh, Masaki Gotoh, his colleague Mikio Yoshioka, Shinj Hosokawa, President of Hosco, and colleague Hiroshi Isomura to our facility in Stockport.  They were on a whistle stop tour of the UK following a successful Musikmesse show in Frankfurt.

Meeting With Gotoh and HoscoWe had discussions about how to develop the sales of Gotoh and Hosco products in the UK and agreed a number of marketing initiatives.  Hosco also presented some new products.






Hosco Groobar.  This is a tool used as a depth cutting guide when filing nut slots.  These accurately machined metal strips  are placed beneath the nut slot on the fingerboard side. When the nut file touches the Groobar it’s time to stop cutting.  The bars come in a set of 4 thicknesses to cater for a variety of different fret heights.

The Groobar is used in conjunction with the NEW Hosco Step Gauge which has a function to measure the nut slot depth in addition to fret crown height and string height.

2 New products from Gotoh are likely to set the social media wires buzzing.

Gotoh SG510iThe new “Baby” 510i tuner.  The smaller body and button means you can construct smaller headstock designs, or use them on mandolins, bouzoukis and with the “UK” post option, on Ukuleles.  Unlike the standard 510 series where the screw and lug fastening prevents the tuner from spinning, the 510i  has a small lug with a locating pin.

Carbon-o-lite CBB-4The second is their Carbon-o-Lite series.  Hiroshi showed me the new CBB-4 Bass Bridge with a carbon fibre plate and titanium saddles.  This bridge weighs only 46.4 grams and looks super cool with its black carbon fibre finish.  The range also includes bass machine heads and 2 open backed tuners. These will be available in a month or two.

One of our discussion points was very well received by Gotoh and Hosco.   They recognised that smaller luthier companies don’t have the financial resources to order machine heads and bridges from Gotoh’s distributor due the the high minimum order limit.  We’ve trialled a system with a handful of UK companies whereby Tonetech buys on behalf of the Luthier and holds stock here in the UK.  The luthier can then buy that stock when needed.  The advantage to the luthier is improved cash flow and reduced lead times, (they can be 6-8 weeks from Gotoh).

If this option would suit you please contact


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