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Written by Alex McCann


Hopefully after the last newsletter, you’ve set up your Instagram profile and had a play around the mechanics of how to use Instagram

This edition’s newsletter is all about hacking Instagram like a teenager.   Like all social networks the early adopters of Instagram were teenagers and with time that has expanded to incorporate a more mature audience.  So what does hacking Instagram like a teenager mean?

Teenagers treat social networks like social media is meant to be used. Social Media is meant to bring people together – businesses like us have just hijacked it to sell stuff.  And yet if you take a human approach to social media you’ll get much better results from it, so here are some tips on how to get the most out of Instagram


The way people swipe is changing on Instagram via Instagram stories

Traditionally we would swipe upwards looking at picture perfect images that showcase the best of our work

Stories give a behind the scenes update to Instagram with people swiping left to right over stories that last just 24 hours

Think of stories as the modern version of the status update.  Stories mimic real life conversations in that they disappear and the user has the recollection of the story rather than a permanent update that can be looked back upon.  Think about what you can show off behind the scene – hints and tips for guitar makers


The big secret sauce to Instagram is engagement and most users don’t fully engage apart from light touch engagement

Red Heart InstagramLight touch engagement is the easy stuff – the double tapping on images to heart or like another users images

It’s a light touch because it’s easy

What you really want to be doing is searching hashtags such as #luthier #guitarmaker and #guitarmaking and adding insightful comments to the photos.  By doing this you present yourself as an expert to both the poster of the image and their audience



Instagram has an algorithm which will promote or demote users posts in the feed depending on the level of engagement for the users.  You’ve probably not heard of Instagram Pods before.  They’re a way of “hacking the Instagram algorithm”.  But Instagram pods are private groups of 10-15 Instagrammers or businesses that have similar audiences and the desire to increase their Instagram engagement and get more followers.

The way this is done is by setting up a group direct message on Instagram and when you post a new image you message the pod.  The idea being that everyone in the group jumps on within the hour and likes and comments on the post to boost the reach of the post.  Think about what groups of people you have in your circle or your town – music venues, music bloggers, bands, guitarists and so on.   Could working together as collective help each of you as individuals?



You’ve probably sat in a restaurant and mocked those people for taking photos of their food for social media.  Massive Lesson Here: As much as you hate it, you need to be more like them

Schertler Tuners PhotoFoodie Instagrammers have learnt that great photography stands out and that content is king.  Next time you’re in a restaurant watch the way they don’t just take one photo and think that’s good enough.   Be creative with the angles, make sure the lighting is great, spend some time editing the photos on your phone (the filters are great – a personal love is the chrome filter which makes everything look brighter)

You don’t need to take 20 photos for each post – but take half a dozen until you get 1 photo you’re 100% happy with.



Measurement is the key to success.  If you’ve not upgraded to an Instagram business profile

  1. Log into your Instagram profile
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Click The Gear Icon to go to settings
  4. Click Switch to business profile
  5. Click connect Facebook to connect your Facebook business page

If you’re familiar with Facebook Insights you’ll be familiar with Instagram Insights

You can find out:

* Number of impressions that week = the total number of times your posts have been seen

* Reach that week – the number of unique accounts that have your posts

* Number of clicks to your website that week

* Top Posts

* Engagement on each post


And lots of information on your demographics


Once you understand what your audience love – give them more of it!!!

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