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Written by Lars Mullen
Lars Mullen

Lars Mullen

Hello everyone, here’s a heads up on what you can expect from the Stay Tuned and Guest Ales Features of The Tone Bar, a newsletter with a difference with the aim of entertaining readers on-line through interesting articles featuring luthiers of stringed instruments and artists that rely on craftsmanship for their profession.

In this first edition, I talk to Manuel Rodriguez, one of the world’s oldest names within nylon strung classical guitars, still using traditional methods and skills passed down over the generations…..although don’t let this put you off buying fish from Cadiz….you’ll understand what I mean when you read the article.

Up ahead, I’ll be talking to a host of the UK’s finest acoustic guitar builders including George Lowden and Brook Acoustics, electric guitar maker Seth Baccus and, new on the scene, Gillett Contour guitars and basses.

We’ll also have some gossip that we are allowed to talk about and some that we aren’t…but probably will if it’s juicy enough.

Look forward to your comments and hope you enjoy this first edition:Lars cariacature

Lars Mullen

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