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Gluboost Gel and Black
Written by Bill Quinn

Gluboost has released 2 new products to compliment their ever growing range.


Gluboost BlackGluboost Black Fill n Finish.

Fill n’ Finish Black enjoys the same great flexibility and resilience that all the Fill n Finish formulas enjoy and as always, is guaranteed fresh. With zero to minimal witness lines every time this game changing product is ideal for all of your wood builds, repairs, inlay work and marquetry. Fill n’ Finish Black reliably fill pores and gaps and vanquish cracks, dings and dents. Perfect for your quick repairs and restorations. Carcinogen free!

  • Dries flexible – never creeps
  • Safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, Urethane, and even Water-Based Finishes
  • You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n’ Finish Black with completely invisible results!
  • 100% pure product so you get superior and stronger results along with a safer workplace
  • Super Fresh – longest shelf life available anywhere
  • Carcinogen-free – Far less irritating
  • Pen in tip cap to prevent clogging
  • Included Whip Tips and Extender Nozzles for pinpoint accuracy
  • Use with GluBoost Accelerator for super-fast finish and repair work!


“Fill n’ Finish Black is deliberately semi-transparent. If more opacity is desired, you can use your MasterTint Black on your Mix Palette for more density of color. This formula provides you with maximum flexibility of use.


Gluboost GelGluboost Gel Ultra

Absolutely the best Gel Adhesive that you have ever used. Guaranteed! MasterGel Ultra is an absolutely outstanding Ultra High Performance Gel Adhesive product. MasterGel Ultra is so sticky it clings to vertical surfaces with absolutely no run off! This UltraGel adhesive product has superior gap filling capability up to .01” and is as Strong as an Ox!

With a super long open time, MasterGel Ultra will never separate and works beautifully with GluBoost GluDry Accelerator. Does not penetrate so it’s just great for rosettes and soft wood work and it works great with lacquer! Available in a large 20 gram easy to handle metal tubes with included clog resistant tips for controlled application. Also works with our whip tips for even finer control! Carcinogen free!

• Works with GluBoost Whip Tips for even finer control!
• Clings to vertical surfaces with no run off!
• Super Long Open Time
• Superior Gap Filling capability up to .01”
• Will not separate
• Ultra Strong Formula
• Works beautifully with GluBoost GluDry
• Great for rosettes and soft wood work. Does not penetrate!
• Large 20 gram easy to handle metal tube
• Included clog resistant tips for controlled application
• Works with GluBoost Whip Tips for even finer control!
• Carcinogen free!

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