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New Straight Edge and Ruler from Summit tools.

Sever 30cm Luthier Ruler
Written by Bill Quinn

Summit Tools are always looking to offer luthiers tools that support their craft.  We’ve had a preview of their new straight edges and thought we’d share the specification with you.

There are 4 straight edges in this family and we’ve had a look at the 300mm and the 600mm options.  The other lengths available are 450mm an 900mm.

Each is made from 4mm thick aluminium with tapered edges,   There is a central handle and a “hanging hole” for storage.

Each of the two edges is a metric scale with 1mm divisions. One edge is a continuous scale from zero on the left, the other edge has zero in the centre to help with laying out from a centreline.

The “ruler” is also a straight edge when held vertically on it’s edge, useful for checking neck relief etc.  There are also a number of luthier friendly conversion aids inscribed on the centre face of the ruler.  the longer the ruler, the more information is  available.

String Frequency ScaleThe 30cm ruler has string frequencies for guitar, bass, mandolin and violin, plus imperial to metric conversions.

Scale Rule of 18The 60cm option has these plus the “rule of 18” to assist with scale layout, a scale length conversion from inches to metric and a temperature conversion chart.

Retail Prices start from £35 for 30cm option to £55 for 90cm.  We hope to have stock in early August.


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