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Paid Advertising On Facebook

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Written by Alex McCann

For the past few newsletters we’ve talked about the organic side of Facebook marketing.  By organic we mean the marketing which is non-paid and spread by the shares, like and comments buttons below

Organic Facebook marketing is still highly effective if your creative ideas are flowing regularly and you have a large network of contacts either on Facebook or via your mailing list.

Where you’ll struggle to use organic Facebook marketing is if

* You don’t use Facebook personally and have a large network of friends interested in what you do

* You lack the constant stream of creative ideas you need for people to interact with

* You lack to the patience to reap the rewards of Social Media Marketing


In this month’s newsletter we’re going take a step by step look at Paid Facebook Advertising to bypass the problems above.


What’s your marketing objective?

Before you start working on the targeting and the creative you have to decide what is your marketing objective.  This first decision looks at your end goal and changes how the audience on Facebook will interact with the post.

There are 3 broad categories

  1. Awareness – The option you’re more than likely to use for building Facebook page likes or boosting an individual post
  2. Consideration – To push traffic towards your website. This might be to a news story or blog on your website. You can also use this section to actively lead generate i.e “Sign Up to Our Mailing List to receive regular tips on guitar making”
  3. Conversion – To drive actual sales of your products or services


Where Is Your Audience?

Facebook Audience Target

The scary thing for the world is Facebook knows everything about everyone who uses Facebook as we volunteer our private interests for free with every like, comment and checkin we do on the platform.  The great thing for business owners and marketers is we can use that information to do targeted precision marketing better than we ever have before.

When it comes to choosing your audience there are a few considerations

* Demographics – Location; Gender; Age

* Detailed Targeting – i.e you can target people who are interested in guitar making or have luthier as job title

* Connections – Advertise to people who like your page; friends of people who like your page or exclude people who like your page

The important thing to think about here is how many different target markets do you have?  Is it just one or are there several markets you can aim towards?


What Is Your Budget?

The reason I asked you to think about if there are several target markets to aim for comes down to the best thing about Facebook marketing:  You advertise from as little as £5 a day

Gone are the days of spending £200-1000 on one advert and hoping it works.  With budgets as low as £5 a day you can

A) Test your advert over a few days to see what results it’s getting and then either stop or increase your budget if it’s working


B) Do several small £5 a day adverts aimed at different target markets


How Creative Is Your Creative?

When it comes to creative you need to take this as seriously as you would do a printed advert.  Sure – the budget may only be £5 a day rather then 100’s or 1000’s, but time well spent crafting the right message with the right image on Social Media is key to the campaign.  Think about what is going to stand out on the Facebook Newsfeed.


* A question that makes people think

* Your USP

* Your tag line

* An offer with discount


Think what image is going to grab people’s attention

* Big

* Bold

* Colourful

Facebook Ad in the newsfeed

Don’t go for a predominantly white image as the background of facebook is white so it won’t stand out.  Adverts are places within the audiences newsfeed – you’ve probably noticed the posts about 3-6 posts down every time you log in with Sponsored Posts above them.  Think about what adverts have made you stop before?



Facebook adverts can be a goldmine.

As long as you take all the above steps seriously and consider them in turn.

Far too often people spend money on Facebook adverts and bash one out in less than 5 minutes and expect it to work.

Take time. Think Carefully. Act. Measure. And Repeat.

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