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Sintoms Elite, 25% Nickel Silver Fret Wire

Sintoms Elite fret Wire
Written by Bill Quinn



Sintoms Ltd have developed a much harder wearing form of Nickel Silver fret wire.  It comes under their new “Elite” series of fret wire, packaged in 6 x 260mm curved pieces with a radius of 7.5 -8.5”.

The harder wearing fret wire has a Nickel content of 25%, compared to the current standard of 18%.

For those who want harder wearing frets without moving to stainless steel these offer a great alternative.  Until now the only non-stainless steel alternative for hard wearing frets was Bronze or EVO Gold fret wire, both of which have a strong “golden” colour.  The Sintoms Elite Nickel Silver metal is a bright silver colour which compliments nickel or chrome guitar hardware perfectly.

We currently have 3 crown-width options  2.3mm, 2.5mm and 2.8mm.  Each cost £10.50 per pack of 6 pieces.

E230140, Crown Width 2.3mm, Crown Height 1.,4mm

E249119,  Crown Width 2.5mm, Crown Height 1.19mm

E280140,  Crown Width 2.8mm, Crown Height 1.4mm

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