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Sintoms Zero Frets.

Zero Fret Diagram
Written by Bill Quinn

Sintoms Ltd are the only fret wire producer whose business specialises in Fret Wire Manufacture.  All other “producers” are general metal wire product makers who include standard fret wire products as part of their service.  Sintoms is consequently the only producer to invest in Fret Wire research and development.

When I met with Alexander, Director of Sintoms, at the Frankfurt Music Messe last month, we discussed the latest of their fret wire developments.  Sintoms have produced a range of Zero Frets that they believe improve the tone of open strings and even help the intonation.

These Zero frets are designed to fit close to the existing nut and come with two options.

The first is a fret without a tang.  This fits immediately in front of the nut in a shallow groove.  The second has a tang and can be fit in a notch cut in the nut.

In both cases, the exit point of the string is 0.4mm from the nut face which gives better intonation.

More technical information is shown below.

Zero Frets Detail

There is a range of Zero frets from Sintoms now available from Tonetech Luthier supplies, here: Take me to Zero Frets from Tonetech


For a Video showing the fitting of the Zero fret without tang, click here.

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