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TONE UP, a new brand of guitar parts.

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Written by Bill Quinn

Tonetech Ltd is delighted to announce the arrival of a new brand of guitar parts, TONE UP.  Most manufacturers have concentrated on driving down the cost of their guitar parts which inevitably means reducing the quality.  Sever Innovations in Slovenia have taken the opposite approach.  They have gone back to basics.  The first question they ask of a guitar part is, “is it fit for purpose?”

Fit for purpose means, does it deliver the tone, sustain, attack and sound that fits the guitar, and does it improve the player experience?

If the answer is no, Sever Innovations sets about designing an improved version.

Sever Innovations has a strap line.  “Re-thinking guitar part design to bring you the latest improvements to the look, tone and feel of your guitar”.

Take the humble vintage style bass guitar bridge as an example.  Fender et al have produced guitars with the same style bridge for decades.  The new TONE UP 3d barrel saddle bass bridge has no fewer than 8 design modifications, all aimed at giving you the player, the best tone, sustain, attack and feel of any vintage bass bridge.  Some elements of the bridge are hand made to the finest tolerances.  The TONE UP 3d Bass Bridge won’t compete in the low price, aftermarket guitar part world.  If you are a discerning bass player or bass maker, and want to bring the absolute best out of your bass and your playing, invest in the TONE UP 3d Bass bridge.

The TONE UP 3d bass bridge was launched at the London Bass Guitar Show on 4th and 5th March 2017.  Every player who saw it, nodded, then smiled, then said “How Much?”  At £170 for the 4 string version and £220 for the 5 string bridge, no one flinched.

Sever Innovations has a pipeline of new guitar parts that will be launched over the coming months by Tonetech Ltd, Sole distributor of the TONEUP range of guitar parts.

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