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Tone Up Guitar Saddles

Tone Up Stainless Steel Guitar Saddles
Written by Bill Quinn

Tone Up Electric Guitar Saddles

Sever Innovations has developed a new style of electric guitar saddle that will improve the tone and sustain of your guitar.  Firstly, they are made completely from Stainless Steel.  The height set screws are contained within the saddle, the springs are an elliptical shape and the string exit curve is specially shaped to eliminate any tone damping.   Let’s take a closer look at these design benefits.

Stainless Steel Construction. 

  • The saddles won’t rust!
  • Stainless Steel transmits sound across a wider frequency range and at a faster speed giving you improved sustain and attack.

Height Set Screws.

  • The saddle height set screws are adjusted through the top of the saddle but the screws remain inside of the saddle body. This means you no longer scrape your hand when palm muting.
    Tone Up Saddle

Elliptical Intonation springs.

  • These specially made springs are designed with wide oval ends to apply even pressure across the back of the saddle. This maintains correct orientation of the saddle and stops it “flopping about”.  This will minimise any side to side movement of the saddle when string bending thus preventing a loss of sustain.
    Tone Up Saddle

Refined Exit path for the strings.

  • The strings follow a shallow groove in the rear of the saddle and just where the string exits the saddle, the groove ends. This eliminates any potential buzz from the string as it leaves the saddle but holds the string centrally on each saddle.
    Tone Up Saddle

The saddles are available in 3 string spacing widths, 10.4mm, 10.8mm and 11.2mm to fit most common guitar bridges.

When replacing your existing saddles, measure the current total saddle height.

Saddles with a 6mm long set screw will give you a saddle height between 7,5mm and 10,5 mm

Saddles with an 8mm long set screw will give you a saddle height between 9,5mm and 12,5mm

Saddles with a 10mm long set screw will give you a saddle height between 11,5m and 14,5mm.

The most common of the saddle heights will be 7,5 -10,5mm. The set screw length 6mm.

The 6mm screws are fitted to the saddles and a set each of the other sizes is included along with the adjuster allen key.


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