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ToneUp Gold Plated Jack Sockets

Gold Stereo Jack 2
Written by Bill Quinn

The simple Jack Socket has been around for decades.  Whether it is part of an amp, effects pedal or a guitar, over time the standard jack sockets are prone to wear, corrosion and “loose fitting”.  In standard jack sockets the contacts are made from nickel plated brass.  The brass loses its “spring” and the nickel conductor wears away or corrodes.

Sever Innovations has examined the shortcomings of the standard jack socket and produced a vastly superior socket.

The spring contacts in the Tone Up jack socket are made from “spring bronze” which retains its spring properties for much longer than the brass alternatives.  Spring Bronze is an alloy of Copper with 4%-6% Tin.  The Tin imparts stiffness to the copper resulting in a “Spring” alloy.  The Spring is the ability of the metal to return to its original shape after distortion.  In the case of the jack socket contacts this gives them significantly better “spring” so they hold the jack plug firmly every time.

Gold Mono Jack 1

Gold plated contacts are acknowledged to provide the best quality signal in electronic equipment.  In order to provide the best signal performance coupled with wear resistance the ToneUp jack sockets are plated with a gold alloy.  The whole of the contacts, wiring lugs and threaded insert are gold alloy plated to give maximum conductance of the signal and visual appeal.  Each jack socket is supplied with dual nuts for precise positioning.

ToneUp Input Jacks have the same gold alloy coating on the whole of the barrel and the contacts.  The ground terminal is also “tinned” for easy soldering.   Gold Barrel Jack contact end

If you’ve upgraded your pickups to get just the tone you want then upgrade your jack socket to a Tone Up Gold plated one.  You will notice the difference!

Gold Barrel Jack with outer nuts

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