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TONE UP new 3D Adjustable Barrel Saddle Bass Bridge

Written by Bill Quinn

What sets the  TONE UP 3D Bass Bridges apart from the rest?

The bridges are made completely from a special grade of stainless steel.  Coupled with the bridge component design, it delivers great attack and the widest tonal range of any bass bridge.
Tone Up 3D Bass Bridge DiagramThe 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate is both significantly stronger than the standard mild steel normally used and it has been shaped to ensure maximum contact with the bass body.  This ensures maximum transmission of the string vibration to the bass.

The barrel height adjusters are retained inside the barrels so there is no catching your hand on the sharp tops of traditional style height adjuster screws.

The height adjuster screws run in tramlines and once under string tension cannot move sideways.  This solidity avoids the vibration damping experienced with traditional bridges.

The saddles are offset from the intonation adjuster screws to eliminate damping caused by the anchored strings brushing against the intonation adjusters.

The intonation adjuster screws are stainless steel and the thread in the barrel and on the screw, have been hand cut to ensure a perfect fit.  There is no sloppiness in these joining threads which again enhances the tonal transfer and sustain.

The top string loading mechanism increases the speed of string changing and avoids scratching the bass body caused by the traditional design of pulling the whole string through a hole in the bridge.  The body of the bridges are also pre-drilled for through body stringing.

ToneUp Fendber Style Bass Bridge

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3d bridge musicman style

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And now, the stroke of genius!  The saddles adjust from side to side to deliver variable string spacing between 16 and 22mm.  This allows you to accurately align your strings with the pickup pole pieces.  For those players with smaller hands you can reduce the string spacing to suit.  Once the spacing has been set the down pressure of the strings lock the adjuster in place.

The TONE UP bridges are hand finished with either a polished or brushed steel appearance.  The fixing screw positions are a perfect match for Fender style vintage bridges.

Three years of design and development has gone into delivering this ultimate TONE UP bass guitar bridge.


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