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Ultimate Packing Training

Written by Bill Quinn

Tonetech has an outstanding reputation for the care we take in packing our products. Many of our 5 star Trustpilot ratings highlight the quality of our packing.

When we send out our parcels each day, we are sending our customer their property. We want this to arrive in perfect condition. We use custom made cardboard boxes with double overlapping lids for strength, strong cardboard tubes, and plenty of bubble wrap. Our fret wire boxes are strong around the outside edges to protect the fret wire coils.

Our packaging department is a busy place. Our apprentice, Dan, has been carefully trained to Tonetech’s high standards. He is fast, efficient and takes pride in his work.

As part of Dan’s training we needed to see how he performs under pressure. Can he remain focused and professional under duress. He passes the 1 ball challenge with ease. Now for two balls. Yes, he does it. The ultimate stress test now, can be remain undeterred when the 3 ball launch is applied?

Yes. Dan passes our unique stress test with flying colours.  Catch all this on Video.


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