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Written by Alex McCann

Why should you have a business Facebook page over a personal profile?

It’s a question that I’m asked nearly every day and one that we’ll answer today in the Tonebar.

And it’s an important question because let’s face it – Facebook is massively important for business, everybody is on there. Musicians were early adopters and don’t show any signs of disappearing in the near future.

If you know how to use Facebook well – you know how to build your business.

A quick and easy way to tell the difference

A personal profile you become friends with  facebook friend logo

A business page you like 320496-facebook-like-logo


What is a Facebook profile?


The Facebook profile is the one you set up under your real name to connect with friends and family members.

If your Facebook profile is anything like mine, you’ll probably be posting a mixture of the latest music videos, rants about the news, photos from your nights out and funny things you’ve seen online.

You probably look at your newsfeed and think, not another baby photo, not another Facebook game invite and gasp at the “did they really post that online for everyone to see?” moment.

In short – it’s your personal space, as the name personal profile suggests.

You keep this personal profile separate from business, just as your customers will want to keep their personal profile separate from business.


Despite the music industry being more open than a lot of other industries – it’s often a customer / business relationship rather than close friend relationship

What is a Facebook business page?

If you’re a regular Facebook user, I’m 99% positive that you’ll have liked a Facebook page.

It’s a well-known fact that social media platforms are built often by musicians encouraging their fans to join them on platforms and Facebook is no different.

Whether it’s a local band you know or a heritage act like the Rolling Stones or The Who – every single band you know will have one.

To set up a Facebook page look at the left hand side menu bar of Facebook on your desktop or laptop and there will be an option to Create Page.

Create a page


Step by step guide to setting up a Facebook page

 If your business is hyper local i.e just works in the local area select local business or place / if you work (inter)nationally select Company, Organisation or Institution.

  1. Facebook will guide you through the instructions to set up the basics such as address, Facebook page username (carefully select this as once you have your name you can’t change it) and finally profile pictures.
  2. Make sure you have a square version of your businesses logo and a strong visual to have as your cover photo.

What are the advantages of setting up a Facebook page?

Your page won’t be deleted like a personal profile!

If you use a personal profile to represent a business, it goes against Facebook’s terms and conditions which means Facebook can delete the profile without warning.

This means that you could lose access to your profile at any time – including any contacts, messages and photos.

This has happened to high profile music venues in the past where they’ve lost access to literally thousands of contacts.

And once Facebook make the decision there is no comeback.

Business branding

When you set up your business you went to great lengths to choose a name, a logo and a look for the business.

A Facebook Page establishes that brand in the market place and immediately says you take your business more seriously.

Businesses that use a Facebook profile rather than a page, suggest they’re a start-up business or they don’t really know what they’re doing, which then reflects on you and your business as much as your marketing ability.

Business page

 Facebook insights

Once you get over 30 likes on a Facebook Page you get access to Facebook insights which gives you details on

  • * Facebook Reach i.e how many people have seen your posts?
  • * Demographics – Ages, Genders, which towns and cities people are from?
  • * Facebook Posts – Which are your most popular posts and popular post types?
  • * Timings – When are your fans online and when is the best time to post on Facebook?
  • * Facebook Videos – In-depth stats on your Facebook videos?

On a personal profile you don’t get this kind of information and yet the stats are essential for you to learn how to grow your page and target your messages appropriately.

Facebook Insights


Facebook advertising

The reason Facebook doesn’t charge for this service is that we give all our private information over to them voluntarily and then they are able to use that information to target us with advertising.

Big brother – oh yes – but also Facebook is the best advertising platform out there for business at the moment.

You can start Facebook advertising from as a little as £5 a day and run for just 1 day or up to ongoing campaigns.

If you know the right demographics, mixed with their personal interests – you can deliver highly targeted campaigns that go only to your target market for a fraction of the cost that it would cost you to run similar sized traditional marketing campaigns.

Let us know how you get on


Set your standards high and aim to grow your page every week





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